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Dual Hose | Model TX0208
The Therm-X split umbilical hose (Dual Hose) allows the clinician/trainer to treat two patients simultaneously, with the same treatment. Alternatively, it can be used to treat two separate areas on the same patient. Dual Hose interfaces with the Therm-X AT machine only.
Travel Case | Model TX0202

A Therm-X Travel Case can be purchased for easy transport. The Travel Case can position the Therm-X machine, Umbilical Hose, Power Supply, and multiple Garments securely.

Therm-X Coolant | 1 Quart | Model TX0206

Coolant is formulated to do two things: allow the Therm-X to get ice cold without freezing, and prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungus in the machine and garments. Use only Therm-X coolant or equivalent to prevent damage to the Therm-X.

Hospital Grade Power Supply| Model TX0207

The Hospital Grade Power Supply is designed to meet the needs of hospitals and other facilities that require hospital-grade grounding. It comes with a “green dot” power cord that signifies it is medical-grade quality.

Therm-X Extender Straps | Model TX0109

A multi-patient strapping system intended to increase the size of the patient population able to use the Therm-X Garments.

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