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The Therm-X Single Patient Use Garments are designed to work better and feel better. Use your Therm-X HOME with our SPU garments to improve patient compliance and satisfaction.


  • The TX HOME Single Patient Use garments are modeled after our durable clinical garments.
  • They are designed for a better anatomical fit.
  • Our SPU garments also provide better  coverage. With more real estate comes a more effective patient experience.  


  • Combined with the TX HOME machine, the SPU garments inflate faster to get to the required compression.
  • Our SPU garments also cool faster. An efficient fluid path and a rapid cool technology tackles patient pain more quickly.  

Therm-X HOME Single Use Garments

Hip | Model TX0308
Ankle | Model TX0304
Back | Model TX0305
Shoulder | Model TX0301
Knee | Model TX0302

DVT Garments are for use only with the HOME machine.

The DVT Garments allow convenient patient treatment in a healthcare facility or at home when the doctor feels DVT prophylaxis is required.

The Therm-X DVT Garments are designed to reduce the risk of the formation of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). They accomplish this by aiding blood flow back to the heart via lower extremity limb compression.

The Therm-X DVT Garments expand the capabilities of the THERM-X machine. They can be used in conjunction with the Standard THERM-X Garments, or by themselves. The garments have been developed with a broad size range to accommodate a wide range of patients. The garments connect easily and simply by plugging their tubes into the red port on the front of the THERM-X.

DVT Calf | Model TX0107
DVT Foot | Model TX0106

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