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Therm-X Innovation through Technology

The Innovative Full Thermal Modality

The Therm-X combines cold, heat, contrast, and compression therapy, in one easily portable machine.

No Ice Required

The Therm-X does not need ice to stay cool. It uses a special coolant that allows the Therm-X to get colder and stay colder.

Thermal Technology

Using proprietary thermoelectric technology, the Therm-X can provide digitally controlled heating or cooling, along with contrast and compression.

Low Maintenance

The Therm-X does not require constant refilling with ice, or emptying and cleaning the tank. The Therm-X coolant stays in the machine to keep the tank and lines clean.

We Don't Melt

Ice melts over time as ice-based machines pass water over the warm patient. The Therm-X can set a specific cycle temperature and maintain that same temperature for as many treatment cycles required.

You Control It

The Therm-X has a wide variety of treatment presets for temperature, compression, and treatment time. If you don't like presets, the control can be in your hands with customizable cycles.

Smaller Is Better

The Therm-X was born portable, weighing only 14 lbs and fitting in a convenient travel case. It can travel with an athlete or be carried from therapy room to patient room.

See Therm-X in action.

Therm-X is poweful, portable, and versatile—but don’t take our word for it. 

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