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UMBILICAL HOSE | included with machine

Therm-x Innovation Through Technology

The Therm-X Umbilical Hose acts as the connector between the Therm-X machine and Garments. The ends of the Umbilical Hose are fitted with quick connectors to ensure a secure, no leak link. The hose was designed with extra insulation to maintain the coolant temperature as it travels from machine to garment.

TRAVEL CASE | Model TX0202

Therm-x Innovation Through Technology

A Therm-X Travel Case can be purchased for easy transport. The Travel Case can position the Therm-X machine, Umbilical Hose, Power Supply, and multiple Garments securely.

THERM-X COOLANT | 1 Quart | Model TX0206

Therm-x Innovation Through Technology

Coolant is formulated to do two things:
allow the Therm-X to get ice cold without freezing and prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungus in the machine and garments.
The coolant keeps the machine cold so you don’t have to.

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